The Moose is Loose!!!

Where to start.......

Isn't that always the question people ask. "Where do I start?!?" Kind of a foolish question if you ask me. You start from where you are at the time you ask the question. It's the only logical place you can start from. It's where you are for Pete's sake (and by the way, who is this Pete fellow and why are we always doing things for his sake?) To me, too many people are asking the question "Where do I start?" when they should be asking the more appropriate question "Where in Sam Hill am I going!!"

It seems to me that if more people thought about where they were going, this world would be a much nicer place.

So where am I going with this??

That is the question.

Not sure. I am of course a lost moose, trying to find my way in the woods. Of course, the more you know about the woods, the easier it is to find your way. And every once in a while, you come upon a beautiful clearing filled with flowers and a river running down middle, filled with cool water to drink, and fresh water plants to munch upon.

I suppose I am on a quest in these woods. A quest for truth. I like truth. It's so...well.....true. Logical, it just plain makes sense. Because no matter how crazy the truth might seem, it usually makes more sense than any of the other nonsense you put it up against.

So join me if you will as this moose wanders (at times very aimlessly) through these woods in search of beautiful clearings and cool rivers filled with deliciously slimy water plants.

It might just be fun (but I wouldn't count on it)....


  1. Jeremy said...
    Nice post, even though I've always been told to not feed the wildlife!
    Mike Dalton Bass for Hire said...
    I got you link to my blog so I can keep an eye on you, you scare me a LOT.

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