When I first began this blogarooney, it was on a bit of a lark. The one thing I worried about was, "This is indeed going to be random." Granted it is called "Wanderings of a Lost Moose" but I believe my wanderings should have purpose. So I have decided from now on, that most future editions of "The Moose" will be somehow based upon pictures I have taken during my "Wandering." They will be my springboard for conversation. A "Picture/Coffee Table Blog" if you will. So, Let the fun begin................
To Be continued

I have nothing to say

Well, come on, that's not true. I have WAY too much to say, but what should be today's topic. The Chargers losing to New England on Sunday....Too depressing. The San Diego Padres???? not quite in season yet. Movies?!?!?! Haven't seen anything too new lately.....well "The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything" was a hoot....but really, how much is there for me to say about Vegetables dressed up as pirates??? Your right....far too much, but I won't go there on this day.
Music is today's choice. Why????? Because I want to.
So today's topic.........5 albums I want on a desert island (along with a semi decent sound system, my iPod, head phones, and some type of power outlet. Now that would be some desert island.)

Now mind you, these are not the only ones I would want on my desert island, but some that I wish to share with you. These are not the ones you would think. There is no "Moving Pictures" on this list. Too easy. Zeppelin 4?!?!?! Please, you can find that on any desert island. Let's go a little deeper. So there will be no "Back in Black". No "Dark Side of the Moon". and definitely no "Joshua Tree" or "Hotel California". I am trying to go for those treasures you might not find on any other desert island, so let's begin.

Rush : Power Windows
1985 is the year, and the living is downright easy. This album is classic 80' Rush. Keyboards and all. But that is not what this album is about. It has great drumming (Neil Peart, hello, do you expect anything different) Some of the best solos Alex ever laid down (Really, the guitar work is great) and Geddy's bass-work is just downright AWESOME!!!!! If you like Rush even a little, you must go out NOW and purchase this 80's masterpiece.

Genesis : Genesis
Released in 1983, this is the best album (in my opinion) Genesis made. The Peter Gabriel crowd will no doubt disagree with me, but this is a classic. Oh, the many road trips this album graced. Memories......besides, it contains the song "Illegal Alien." For that reason alone, it goes with me to my desert island.

The Cars : Candy O

(Album cover to "Rated PG-13 for this Blog)
Released it 1979 after The Cars 1st album, it contains a bit more keyboard, but there is also some amazing guitar work from Elliot Easton. It's just a great album. So many memories of Randy Ihrig (high school buddy who loved The Cars) and I playing videos games on a rainy day. oh Candy-O, I need you!!!!

The Eagles : On the Border
On their first two albums, The Eagles were very country.....Not that there's anything wrong with that, but on this album, guitarist Don Felder joined the fray, and the sound changed..in a good way.....A REALLY GOOD WAY!!!!! This album finds them in a period, still rooted in a country sound, but with a fresh splash of rock. This is the Eagles finest hour. A great album.

Foo Fighters : There is Nothing Left to Lose
I just love the Foo. This is just such a great album. You can listen to it over and over and not get tired. Well, at least I can. I can't say any more than that. LOVE THE FOO!!!

So there you have it. I thought I would share my thoughts on a few albums worth a listen. I hope you take a chance a give em one. Heck, I'll even let you borrow mine (But please, no illegal copies).


.............more to come on "Desert Island Necessities" or "What's in Gilligan's Travel Case"

Pictures of Idyllwild

Here are a few pictures I took in Idyllwild. Heather and I hiked 7 miles round trip, 1,700 ft. climb to the top of a place called suicide rock.

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