This is WAY too funny.......

I just love this band!!!

......I believe in purpose.

Saw this thanks to friends on Facebook. Oh Yeah, I am so speaking on this very, very soon in Epic JV.

So I have undertaken a little exercise. I have decided to see which artists take up the most space on my iPod. So here are the top 25 bands and the amount of songs on my iPod. ......and the winners are................

Here are the top 25 from 25 - 1

25. Genesis : 75

24. Foo Fighters : 76

23. Bon Jovi : 76

22. Led Zeppelin : 76

21. ZZ Top : 78

20. The Eagles : 79

19. Eric Clapton : 81

18. The Cars : 81

17. Brad Paisley : 84

16. Van Halen : 87

15. U2 : 89

14. Iron Maiden : 92

13. Def Leppard : 96

12. AC/DC : 102

11. Metallica : 102

10. Queensryche : 105

9. Tom Petty : 108

8. Clint Black : 111

7. Journey : 124

6. King's X : 131
5. The Who : 132
4. Pink Floyd : 138

3. The Scorpions : 141

2. Bruce Springsteen : 151
1. The Beatles : 181

Oh Wait.................There is one I forgot....................Who was it??????????
Oh Yes.

RUSH : 320 Songs!!!!!!

That's all I have to say about that.

Metallica is Back!!!

Just bought the new Metallica yesterday. While I have enjoyed moments of Metallica from the last 17 years (since the black album) I haven't, as a whole, been really into what they have released since then. Well, the new album, which was released yesterday, is in my opinion, AMAZING!!!!!

On a side note I also bought a new iPod (120 gb) to fit all my millinos of songs. One of the neat things about iPods is that you get to name them when you install them. My last iPod carries the name "Obi iPod" which is pretty cool, but my new iPod carries an even greater name...........

wait for it..........

Qui-Pod Gin.....

he he he :)

So i now have all my music, including the new Metallica. Very nice.

I love the Olympics. I mean I absolutely love the Olympics. Next to Baseball, there is absolutely nothing like the Olympics. I, like many of you, have spent many a late night watching some amazing performances. Michael Phelps 8 Gold Medals. Double Gold in beach volleyball. The Chinese divers, Nastia and Shawn in gymnastics, Natalie Coughlin 6 medals in the many amazing performances. But there are 5 that top my list. My top 5 Olympic moments. Here they are.........

#5 Dara Torres in the 100 M Freestyle
Maybe it's because I am almost 39 and find it awesome that someone 41 can still "mix it up" with those much younger. Do I care that she only won silver?? Not really. What she did was still amazing. Just as amazing as if she had won Gold. Way to Go Dara!!!!!

#4 David Neville Jumping across the finish line to capture Bronze
That was awesome!!!! Then he says, I just wanted to give it my all and give all the glory to the lord, or something like that. He jumped across the finish line!!!!! I say again, THAT WAS AWESOME!!!!!!

#3 Team U.S.A Winning gold in volleyball
Considering how the games began for their head coach, how big was that. I watched the gold medal match against Brazil and it was an epic match. Brazil is an amazing volleyball team and team USA has to match that amazing level of play to come out as victors. They earned it!!!

#2 Usain Bolt dominating in the 100 and 200m
That was just otherworldly. I have never seen anyone run so fluidly, so easy......and so darn FAST!!!! Did you see him pull away in the 100m???? Did you see that????? I haven't seen every race ever, but that was incredible. I could watch him run every day. It is poetry.

#1 Jason Lezak chasing down Frenchie in the 4x100m freestyle relay
That my friends may have have been one of the greatest Olympic moments ever. He was almost a whole body length behind when he jumped in the water, and with nothing but heart chased down Frenchie on the back leg of the race. THAT WAS ALL HEART!!!! Jason Lezak is my number one moment from these games, HANDS DOWN!!!!!!

It was a great Olympic games. I can't wait for the 2010 Winter Games in Vancouver.
speed skating rules!!!!!

10,000 SONGS!!!!!!!!

I have not blogged for a while, for a variety of reasons, but I had to resume my blogging because I have done something so..........well, I will let you fill in the adjective. I have just past the 10,000 song mark in my iTunes library. 10,000 songs. 30 days worth of listening. Now granted, there a few duplicates in my library, but for our purposes here, my iTunes counter shows 10,000 songs, so I am going with it. Out of Control. Now, what was this song you ask?? What was the tune that brought the number to 6 digits??? Well, I find it some what appropriate, and if you have the nerve go and download it yourself. If you know me, you will go, "Yeah, that's strangely perfect."

It's a song by a band called Dragonforce called "Through the Fire and Flames". It's a crazy 80's sounding metal song. Like I said, if you dare, go download my fellow 80's metal friends. It's my 10,000th song in the iTunes library.

Just so you know......songs 10,001 - 10,009 were songs from Steely Dan's "The Royal Scam." Song 9,999 was a Dwight Yoakam song from his latest album "Dwight Sings Buck", as in Buck Owens from Hee-Haw fame. Great songs. Yeah, my music likes are quite diverse.

There is one thing I never spoken of in my blog and that is my love of the game of baseball. Apart from God and my family, it is the thing I love most in this world. I suppose my reason for not writing about this topic is the fact that my team, The San Diego Padres, are mired in one of their worst seasons ever. It hurts too much to think about it, but for one day a year I can put aside my love of one team and watch the game I love. The Midsummer Classic - The All Star Game. Last night's game was amazing. Final year of Yankee Stadium, New York and Major League Baseball did a great job. The Pre-game Parade, Having the starting players run out to their respective positions during introductions, where they were greeted by so many Hall of Fame greats, the final being Yogi Berra in the place where he created his legend. It was an incredible sight to see. And then the game. IT WAS A CLASSIC!!!! 15 innings ending on a bang bang play at the plate. It had great pitching, great defense (apart from one player), Some timely hits, plays at the plate, a pitcher getting out of bases-loaded-nobody out situation, amazing play after amazing play. If you didn't like that game then you don't like baseball. I will remember this game for a long time because it was, like I said, A CLASSIC!!!!

I now must go back to rooting for my team. Hey, only 10 games out at the break.....stranger things have happened.

I said last time that singer would be next. Well, I was mistaken. But this one is short because there is only one choice for Rhythm Guitar. There is only one nominee. He is so far and away the best choice for this position I am not even going to waist anyone's time with a list of nominees. It is Pete Townshend. No one, and I mean no one, on the planet Earth can play a chord like Pete. Power personified. When I play chords, when I play acoustic, when I play rhythm, I want to sound like Pete Townshend because he is "The Hammer" as I like to call it. So in my band there is only on guy that I want playing chords, that I want driving the rhythm of the songs and that is Pete. Listen to a Who record and you will just be floored by his rhythms, by the sheer power of his playing. It is AHHHH-MMAAAA-ZZZINGGGGG!!!!! So there you have it. Rhythm guitarist. Pete Townsend (We will let him play a little lead as well.)

Welcome to part 2 of the creation of my Ultimate Band. Last time around, we looked at drums. Now, I will be saving the final lineup of my ultimate band for the end of this quest. I will announce the members of my band in one single post. One more things, in creating my ultimate band it is important that I think about what kind of band I will create. My band will be a rock band, but with a progressive rock lean. Odd time signatures, long songs with many different movements, you So this will figure in to my decision of who gets in my band. Also remember, no member of RUSH is eligible because it is not fair. They are my ultimate band!!! So once again. No Alex, No Geddy, No Neil.

Alright.......the nominees for Bassist in my band are :

Frank Bello (Anthrax) : How about this choice. Didn't see this one coming did you?? I love Anthrax, and I love the sound of Frank Bello's bass on all Anthrax tracks. Unlike Metallica, where you can't hear the bass very well, Frank Bello's bass in very prominent in the mix, and it sounds great. Plus, he alwasy wore those great 80's shorts and a tank top. How cool is that!!!

Billy Sheehan (David Lee Roth Band, Mr. Big, Steve Vai, Etc.) : This guy shreds, so he deserves to be on this list for that reason alone. But, one listen to the 1st Mr. Big album, and you will know exactly why he is one of my nominees. The bass work on that record is amazing. At times he shreds right along side Paul Gilbert, but then he lays down these big, fat, amazing bass lines that support some incredible songs. A great bass player who can do some much more than shred.

John Myung (Dream Theater, Platypus, The Jelly Jam) : Dream Theater Live at Budhakon..........nuff said. This guy is sick. Give a listen Platypus and the Jelly Jam as well. I can't describe what he does. It is too cool.

John McVie (Fleetwood Mac, John Mayall's Bluesbreakers) : Put on some headphones and listen to Fleetwood Mac song. Any song at all, and you will understand why he is on this list. He just lays it down. So very, very solid. If you are starting off on the bass, listen to Fleetwood Mac (Try the song Dreams) and you will learn what it means to be great bassist. You can't call yourself a drummer if you don't know Steely Dan, and you can't call yourself a bassist if you don't love the tones of John McVie. So Good!!!!

Mario Cipollina (Huey Lewis and the News) : The guy is just too cool with the glasses and all. That's it. Too Cool!!!!

Steve Harris (Iron Maiden) : When your fingers move that fast, and carry a steady rhythm, you get to be a nominee for my band. I love Maiden, and the bass is such a huge part of their sound that he has to be on this list. Long Live the Gallop!!!

John Paul Jones (Led Zeppelin) : John Bohnam and John Paul Jones. How good are these two??? Well how good are Zeppelin's songs??? Yeah, they rock. John Paul Jones is another guy that lays down the coolest bass lines. Once again put on some headphones and listen to what is happening underneath the guitars and is crazy how good the bass lines are. So subtle and so down right frigid (because the adjective cool is cool enough to describe what this guy does.)

Mark King (Level 42) : The bass on Level 42 songs are great. I mean, what else can I say. He is a great bassist. Probably the first bassist that really caught my attention as a young lad.

Les Claypool (Primus) : Jerry Was, Is, and Will always be a race car driver. Anyone that knows me knew this guy was going to be a nominee. My Name is Mud indeed. No one sounds like Les. He is his own creature, and I love it. He plays and makes the music he wants, and does not apologize for it. Guy is a crazy, funny cat as well. And, he has played with them members of Rush. I mean that alone gets him a nomination. Long Live Tommy the Cat!!!!

Chris Squire (Yes) : ROUNDABOUT!!!!! That is all I need to say to justify his nomination. I will say it again.....ROUNDABOUT!!!! IF you like Yes, you like Chris Squire. Just a great bass player. The bass on each Yes song is present and great. Steve Howe does not play a lot of heavy chords so Mr. Squire needs to hold down that bottom end. Listen to Siberian Khatru and you will realize why he is one this list. Heck, just listen to any Yes song and you will know why he is on this list. Once again.......say it with me......ROUNDABOUT!!!!!

John Entwhistle (The Who) : I think he was the first bassist to play the way so many other bassists (the fellows up above) play today. The 1st "lead" bassist. I don't know how The Who could have sounded like The Who without his playing. Simply remarkable.

There you have it........the finalist for the bassist of my ultimate band. Let me know what you think. Did I leave of you favorite??? Let me know. Sound off. These are my favorties though.
Coming Next: Lead Singer (Otherwise known as "Person who wouldn't be caught dead on American Idol.")

A few weeks ago a friend of mine asked what would be my ultimate band. As a music lover, this was a difficult question. I like a lot of music of all different styles (except Reggae, not into that, but my friend said he would make me a CD of reggae that I would like. I welcome the challenge) but anyway. So I played the game, MY ULTIMATE BAND. I came up with a band that night, but I thought it would make a fun post. I will play it like any awards show and start with the nominees. First rule a huge fan of the band RUSH, Geddy, Alex, and Neil are not eligible. I mean, they are the perfect, ultimate band already. So for purposes of this discussion, we will leave them fully intact and out of the conversation. I also wanted to create a band that would actually work. So I will try to steer clear of the "Supergroup" mentality. Now if I write down all the nominees we will be here all day, so I will do each post by instrument. Let's start with the foundation.......The drums. Now as far as drummers go, I want a guy who lays down the beat, but adds a little "pizazz" to the mix. That is what I like. Solid with some flare. So here we go.

The nominees are:

Keith Moon (The Who) : Moonie (may I call him that) is amazing. He's a nut on the drums. Lotta flare. But it is rooted in keeping the time. His drumming is very interesting to listen to. It's very free, liberated, and spontaneous. It just flows out of his personality. Big, Loud, and above all else, FUN!!

Nicko McBrain (Iron Maiden) : Guy doesn't use a click. He is able to change the speed of a song on a dime, and make it work. Amazing. Once again, the guy is crazy, funny, full of life. I like that is my drummers. I love the way he plays drums, and that is that.

Max Weinberg (Bruce Springsteen) : I love the mighty, mighty Max. It is funny watching him the whole show, watching Bruce like a hawk. And everyone else in the band is watching him. He is great. Just lays it down. Seems like the perfect drummer. He is ready for anything. "Where we going Bruce?" as he's there. The mighty, mighty Max!!!!

Rick Allen (Def Leppard) : Guy is on the is list for one reason. He lost his arm and came back to play drums........WELL!!! End of discussion.

John Bonham (Led Zeppelin) : Are you kidding me!?!?! This guy was a monster. Jackhammer. As far as I am concerned, he was Led Zeppelin. Without him, there is and was no Zeppelin. I don't really care for any Zeppelin song that does not have drums.

Stewart Copeland (The Police) : Here's the deal.......Sting may have written all the Police songs, but he was the least important person in that band. Andy Summers, and Stewart Copeland make those songs come to life. Stewart made that band sound the way they did. The reason people liked The Police...they thought it was Sting. NOPE, it was Stewart. I mean, You know Stewart Copeland when you hear him. I like Sting as a solo artist, but if Stewart played those songs (and Andy played guitar) they would be so much better.

Bill Bruford (Yes) : I love Yes, and his drumming is great. So very interesting. Weird times, off hits, fun to listen to.

Anyone that has ever played drums for Steely Dan : It is no mistake that when I went to a recent class on drumming, the instructor was queuing up some Steely Dan. They always have the most amazing drums on their songs. There were a few kids in that class I took that had never heard a Steely Dan song. How on earth can you call yourself a drummer and not heard a Steely Dan song!?!?! YOU CAN'T!!!! If I want to hear great drums, I put on a Steely Dan album, and there it is.......Great Drumming.

Those are the Nominees. I am quite certain I left some great drummers off, but those are my favorites. Let me know who yours are. Let me know if I left off your favorite drummer.

Coming Next : BASS (Otherwise known as "In search of Geddy Paul Jones")

This Tuesday, my daughter and I took a trip to the happiest place on Earth. Although we missed Heather and Nate, it was a great day with just the two of us. We arrived at 10:00 and immediately went on our favorite ride. The Tram!!! We put our hands up and said "WOOOOOOO" we really do that. Anyway, we went over to California Adventure first to experience the newest ride at the magic kingdom, Toy Story Mania. WOW!! What a great ride!! IT WAS AWESOME!!!! We had to wait about 40 minutes, but it was worth it. Lot of fun.
We then went on "Soarin' Over California". Devyn is quite excited now that she is over 40 inches tall. It has opened up a whole new world of ride opportunities. From there is was off to Disneyland for SPLASH MOUNTAIN. Devyn loves this ride. Except she kept reminding me "Hold on tight Daddy."
Is was a great day. Pooh Bear, Haunted Mansion, Pirates, Big Thunder, Casey Jr., Pinocchio, Dumbo, Alice in Wonderland, Matterhorn, Buzz Lightyear, Star Tours, Parade, Cotton Candy, Jumping Jellyfish, Toy Story Mania (part 2), Bugs land and all the kid rides, and finally the Electrical Parade. We left at 9:30. WHAT A DAY!!!!!

Here are a few facts:
1.) The Folks at Pixar are incapable of making a bad movie

2.) Andrew Stanton is a genius

3.) Everyone must go see WALL-E

I love Pixar, and I think that every other studio (animation especially) is simply swimmin' in their wake. No animated movie in the past 15 years (except maybe Kung-Fu Panda) has come close to a Pixar movie in terms of character and story. Today, I saw the latest in this long line of masterpieces. WALL-E is GREAT!!!! I had high expectations for this film. Very high. I love Pixar, and Finding Nemo (directed also by Andrew Stanton) is one of the greatest films ever. So I went in expecting a masterpiece. Well, I got what I expected. It's a great film. Fact is, Pixar makes movies with great stories and great characters. WALL-E is a wonderful story about some lovable characters. I won't go into it anymore than that. If you don't like Pixar films, well I can't help you with that problem, but if you love good movies, great characters, Pixar films, Finding Nemo, wonderful endings, and HAVE A SOUL..........then go and see WALL-E. You won't be disappointed.

It may sound crazy, silly, less than noble, but I think that 232 years ago when those brave men wrote and signed that glorious declaration, this is one of the things they had in mind. Families enjoying life together, with freedom and liberty.

I truly believe spending time with friends and family, in harmony, in peace, and having a grand ol' time is a great way to pay homage to those incredible 56 gentlemen and all those others who have done all they can to ensure life, liberty and the pursuit of.......HAPPINESS.

Well, don't we look happy?? The family went to the park this morning. I played Over the Line with some friends while Heather and the kids played on the playground. We then went and had ourselves a cool treat (A Coffee Bean Ultimate Vanilla Ice Blended Coffee drink, Dippin' Dots for the kids.) After, it was home, fill up the pool and have some fun. We enjoyed some apricots from our tree. We now are watching "The Bee Movie" then it is off to Heather's parents for dinner. It has been a great day. So thank you to all those who have, are, and will do what needs to be done to ensure the American Way of Life.

Yep, it's record player!!!

Oh happy day. I won't go into the hows and whys I was able to receive this wonderful new toy, but I am excited. I love records (I sold a bunch of them a few years ago and have regretted it ever sense.) But I still have a few, and so I spent the day working in the garage and listening to the old 45's (LPs actually). A little ZZ Top, a little Night Ranger, Yes, The Cars......oh and my original Star Wars Sountrack from 1977 (crackles and all). Such sweet music. It took me back to my friend James and I (James lived across the street) would spend the days in and around his garage just listening to music. Or my friend Randy (my only other friend who bought records) I would go to his house and we would play video games and listen to THE CARS on his turntable. So come by whenever you want, and we will hang out in the garage and listen to the tunes. TOO MUCH FUN!!!!!

My New Blog

Come check out my new blog. It's a "Picture of the day" blog. So, unlike this particular blog (which I need to update more often) it will be new everyday. I will also be sharing some of my opinions on photography.

and don't forget to check out what I wrote about David Upton below (and buy his 5 song E.P.)

Unshackled Indeed!!!!!

A little over a year ago I met one the most friendly, kindhearted, and welcoming people I have ever had the privilege of meeting. His name is David Upton. I was able to lead worship along side him on that day and play a truly remarkable song that David wrote. This past week I saw David at the Saddleback Worship Conference. He (and an amazing band) lead the "Overdrive" service at Saddleback every week. Well, I was able to worship along with David and the band on two separate occasions during the week, and all I can say is "WOW!!!" God was present in a big way.

It is a great honor to call David a friend. While I have only had the pleasure of his company on a few separate occasions, I do consider him a friend of the highest order. That all being said, I want all three of my readers to know about the 5 song E.P that David recorded and released I believe this last March. It is called "Unshackled" and I am not at all kidding when I say that it is one the finest collections of songs I HAVE EVER HEARD in my life. I love music. I love good music. I love great music and "Unshackled" is more than great. You can pick up a copy of this wonderful collection from David's website HERE.

You can also find it on itunes

I will write more about this wonderful CD later, but all 3 of you should go right now, do not pass go, do not collect $200, and buy this CD. You will not regret it.

Check out the "Unshackled" video on YouTube HERE

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