Welcome to part 2 of the creation of my Ultimate Band. Last time around, we looked at drums. Now, I will be saving the final lineup of my ultimate band for the end of this quest. I will announce the members of my band in one single post. One more things, in creating my ultimate band it is important that I think about what kind of band I will create. My band will be a rock band, but with a progressive rock lean. Odd time signatures, long songs with many different movements, you know.....progressive. So this will figure in to my decision of who gets in my band. Also remember, no member of RUSH is eligible because it is not fair. They are my ultimate band!!! So once again. No Alex, No Geddy, No Neil.

Alright.......the nominees for Bassist in my band are :

Frank Bello (Anthrax) : How about this choice. Didn't see this one coming did you?? I love Anthrax, and I love the sound of Frank Bello's bass on all Anthrax tracks. Unlike Metallica, where you can't hear the bass very well, Frank Bello's bass in very prominent in the mix, and it sounds great. Plus, he alwasy wore those great 80's shorts and a tank top. How cool is that!!!

Billy Sheehan (David Lee Roth Band, Mr. Big, Steve Vai, Etc.) : This guy shreds, so he deserves to be on this list for that reason alone. But, one listen to the 1st Mr. Big album, and you will know exactly why he is one of my nominees. The bass work on that record is amazing. At times he shreds right along side Paul Gilbert, but then he lays down these big, fat, amazing bass lines that support some incredible songs. A great bass player who can do some much more than shred.

John Myung (Dream Theater, Platypus, The Jelly Jam) : Dream Theater Live at Budhakon..........nuff said. This guy is sick. Give a listen Platypus and the Jelly Jam as well. I can't describe what he does. It is too cool.

John McVie (Fleetwood Mac, John Mayall's Bluesbreakers) : Put on some headphones and listen to Fleetwood Mac song. Any song at all, and you will understand why he is on this list. He just lays it down. So very, very solid. If you are starting off on the bass, listen to Fleetwood Mac (Try the song Dreams) and you will learn what it means to be great bassist. You can't call yourself a drummer if you don't know Steely Dan, and you can't call yourself a bassist if you don't love the tones of John McVie. So Good!!!!

Mario Cipollina (Huey Lewis and the News) : The guy is just too cool with the glasses and all. That's it. Too Cool!!!!

Steve Harris (Iron Maiden) : When your fingers move that fast, and carry a steady rhythm, you get to be a nominee for my band. I love Maiden, and the bass is such a huge part of their sound that he has to be on this list. Long Live the Gallop!!!

John Paul Jones (Led Zeppelin) : John Bohnam and John Paul Jones. How good are these two??? Well how good are Zeppelin's songs??? Yeah, they rock. John Paul Jones is another guy that lays down the coolest bass lines. Once again put on some headphones and listen to what is happening underneath the guitars and vocals........it is crazy how good the bass lines are. So subtle and so down right frigid (because the adjective cool is cool enough to describe what this guy does.)

Mark King (Level 42) : The bass on Level 42 songs are great. I mean, what else can I say. He is a great bassist. Probably the first bassist that really caught my attention as a young lad.

Les Claypool (Primus) : Jerry Was, Is, and Will always be a race car driver. Anyone that knows me knew this guy was going to be a nominee. My Name is Mud indeed. No one sounds like Les. He is his own creature, and I love it. He plays and makes the music he wants, and does not apologize for it. Guy is a crazy, funny cat as well. And, he has played with them members of Rush. I mean that alone gets him a nomination. Long Live Tommy the Cat!!!!

Chris Squire (Yes) : ROUNDABOUT!!!!! That is all I need to say to justify his nomination. I will say it again.....ROUNDABOUT!!!! IF you like Yes, you like Chris Squire. Just a great bass player. The bass on each Yes song is present and great. Steve Howe does not play a lot of heavy chords so Mr. Squire needs to hold down that bottom end. Listen to Siberian Khatru and you will realize why he is one this list. Heck, just listen to any Yes song and you will know why he is on this list. Once again.......say it with me......ROUNDABOUT!!!!!

John Entwhistle (The Who) : I think he was the first bassist to play the way so many other bassists (the fellows up above) play today. The 1st "lead" bassist. I don't know how The Who could have sounded like The Who without his playing. Simply remarkable.

There you have it........the finalist for the bassist of my ultimate band. Let me know what you think. Did I leave of you favorite??? Let me know. Sound off. These are my favorties though.
Coming Next: Lead Singer (Otherwise known as "Person who wouldn't be caught dead on American Idol.")

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  1. Mike Dalton Bass Player said...
    Steve Harris is my first choice, and a suprise here Frank Bello just kills the bass, he drives the beat into the ground and has great chops. Of course JPJ is amazing and would be my first choice but I already put Bonham in the band, I will tell you this Page & Plant won't make my Supergroup, JPJ and Bonhom we the reasons I listen to Zeppelin, I know Page and Plant wrote most of the stuff but it wouldn't have been as good with out the other guys.

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