Pixar Does It Again!!!!

Here are a few facts:
1.) The Folks at Pixar are incapable of making a bad movie

2.) Andrew Stanton is a genius

3.) Everyone must go see WALL-E

I love Pixar, and I think that every other studio (animation especially) is simply swimmin' in their wake. No animated movie in the past 15 years (except maybe Kung-Fu Panda) has come close to a Pixar movie in terms of character and story. Today, I saw the latest in this long line of masterpieces. WALL-E is GREAT!!!! I had high expectations for this film. Very high. I love Pixar, and Finding Nemo (directed also by Andrew Stanton) is one of the greatest films ever. So I went in expecting a masterpiece. Well, I got what I expected. It's a great film. Fact is, Pixar makes movies with great stories and great characters. WALL-E is a wonderful story about some lovable characters. I won't go into it anymore than that. If you don't like Pixar films, well I can't help you with that problem, but if you love good movies, great characters, Pixar films, Finding Nemo, wonderful endings, and HAVE A SOUL..........then go and see WALL-E. You won't be disappointed.


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