Say Hello To My New Friend

Yep, it's record player!!!

Oh happy day. I won't go into the hows and whys I was able to receive this wonderful new toy, but I am excited. I love records (I sold a bunch of them a few years ago and have regretted it ever sense.) But I still have a few, and so I spent the day working in the garage and listening to the old 45's (LPs actually). A little ZZ Top, a little Night Ranger, Yes, The Cars......oh and my original Star Wars Sountrack from 1977 (crackles and all). Such sweet music. It took me back to my friend James and I (James lived across the street) would spend the days in and around his garage just listening to music. Or my friend Randy (my only other friend who bought records) I would go to his house and we would play video games and listen to THE CARS on his turntable. So come by whenever you want, and we will hang out in the garage and listen to the tunes. TOO MUCH FUN!!!!!


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