10,000 SONGS!!!!!!!!

I have not blogged for a while, for a variety of reasons, but I had to resume my blogging because I have done something so..........well, I will let you fill in the adjective. I have just past the 10,000 song mark in my iTunes library. 10,000 songs. 30 days worth of listening. Now granted, there a few duplicates in my library, but for our purposes here, my iTunes counter shows 10,000 songs, so I am going with it. Out of Control. Now, what was this song you ask?? What was the tune that brought the number to 6 digits??? Well, I find it some what appropriate, and if you have the nerve go and download it yourself. If you know me, you will go, "Yeah, that's strangely perfect."

It's a song by a band called Dragonforce called "Through the Fire and Flames". It's a crazy 80's sounding metal song. Like I said, if you dare, go download my fellow 80's metal friends. It's my 10,000th song in the iTunes library.

Just so you know......songs 10,001 - 10,009 were songs from Steely Dan's "The Royal Scam." Song 9,999 was a Dwight Yoakam song from his latest album "Dwight Sings Buck", as in Buck Owens from Hee-Haw fame. Great songs. Yeah, my music likes are quite diverse.


  1. JB said...
    I'm only up to song 858. I got a LONG way to go.
    Karl said...
    Crazy. I like Dragonforce and Dwight, too. hehe

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