I love the Olympics. I mean I absolutely love the Olympics. Next to Baseball, there is absolutely nothing like the Olympics. I, like many of you, have spent many a late night watching some amazing performances. Michael Phelps 8 Gold Medals. Double Gold in beach volleyball. The Chinese divers, Nastia and Shawn in gymnastics, Natalie Coughlin 6 medals in the pool....so many amazing performances. But there are 5 that top my list. My top 5 Olympic moments. Here they are.........

#5 Dara Torres in the 100 M Freestyle
Maybe it's because I am almost 39 and find it awesome that someone 41 can still "mix it up" with those much younger. Do I care that she only won silver?? Not really. What she did was still amazing. Just as amazing as if she had won Gold. Way to Go Dara!!!!!

#4 David Neville Jumping across the finish line to capture Bronze
That was awesome!!!! Then he says, I just wanted to give it my all and give all the glory to the lord, or something like that. He jumped across the finish line!!!!! I say again, THAT WAS AWESOME!!!!!!

#3 Team U.S.A Winning gold in volleyball
Considering how the games began for their head coach, how big was that. I watched the gold medal match against Brazil and it was an epic match. Brazil is an amazing volleyball team and team USA has to match that amazing level of play to come out as victors. They earned it!!!

#2 Usain Bolt dominating in the 100 and 200m
That was just otherworldly. I have never seen anyone run so fluidly, so easy......and so darn FAST!!!! Did you see him pull away in the 100m???? Did you see that????? I haven't seen every race ever, but that was incredible. I could watch him run every day. It is poetry.

#1 Jason Lezak chasing down Frenchie in the 4x100m freestyle relay
That my friends may have have been one of the greatest Olympic moments ever. He was almost a whole body length behind when he jumped in the water, and with nothing but heart chased down Frenchie on the back leg of the race. THAT WAS ALL HEART!!!! Jason Lezak is my number one moment from these games, HANDS DOWN!!!!!!

It was a great Olympic games. I can't wait for the 2010 Winter Games in Vancouver.
speed skating rules!!!!!


  1. ernesto said...
    I can't understand your words,but i love this olympics too..^^
    Ellie said...
    I totally agree with your top 5. Absolutely incredible olympics! Especially Lezak. I love how honored that men's swim team was to be part of helping Phelps beat the record. That show's some serious teamwork.
    Karl said...
    I enjoyed watching the volleyball quite much.

    Hey, just wanted to let you know, my blog changed to:


    because my old domain was dumb. :)
    Stacy said...
    Hey Erin,

    I too LOVE the OLYMPICS. I didn't know that you liked them as much as I DO!!! WOW!!! Maybe you inherited that from me. HMMMMMM????? You are a GREAT writer. Maybe you and Heather should write a book together.

    Love you, Mom

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