I said last time that singer would be next. Well, I was mistaken. But this one is short because there is only one choice for Rhythm Guitar. There is only one nominee. He is so far and away the best choice for this position I am not even going to waist anyone's time with a list of nominees. It is Pete Townshend. No one, and I mean no one, on the planet Earth can play a chord like Pete. Power personified. When I play chords, when I play acoustic, when I play rhythm, I want to sound like Pete Townshend because he is "The Hammer" as I like to call it. So in my band there is only on guy that I want playing chords, that I want driving the rhythm of the songs and that is Pete. Listen to a Who record and you will just be floored by his rhythms, by the sheer power of his playing. It is AHHHH-MMAAAA-ZZZINGGGGG!!!!! So there you have it. Rhythm guitarist. Pete Townsend (We will let him play a little lead as well.)

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  1. Mike Dalton Bass Player said...
    After watching The Who yesterday I would say this is the only choice, I forgot how much I love The Who. Pete is amazing and tasty

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