There is one thing I never spoken of in my blog and that is my love of the game of baseball. Apart from God and my family, it is the thing I love most in this world. I suppose my reason for not writing about this topic is the fact that my team, The San Diego Padres, are mired in one of their worst seasons ever. It hurts too much to think about it, but for one day a year I can put aside my love of one team and watch the game I love. The Midsummer Classic - The All Star Game. Last night's game was amazing. Final year of Yankee Stadium, New York and Major League Baseball did a great job. The Pre-game Parade, Having the starting players run out to their respective positions during introductions, where they were greeted by so many Hall of Fame greats, the final being Yogi Berra in the place where he created his legend. It was an incredible sight to see. And then the game. IT WAS A CLASSIC!!!! 15 innings ending on a bang bang play at the plate. It had great pitching, great defense (apart from one player), Some timely hits, plays at the plate, a pitcher getting out of bases-loaded-nobody out situation, amazing play after amazing play. If you didn't like that game then you don't like baseball. I will remember this game for a long time because it was, like I said, A CLASSIC!!!!

I now must go back to rooting for my team. Hey, only 10 games out at the break.....stranger things have happened.

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  1. Ellie said...
    I had Jr. High Group so I thought I was going to miss the whole game... I left Temecula in the 9th and made it to Cerritos in time to watch the 14th/15th innings. Amazing! Poor Uggla... well, atleast he got to play in Yankee Stadium!

    I love baseball to... It makes the world a better place. I grieve for your Padres though. Poor things.

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