Pictures of Idyllwild

Here are a few pictures I took in Idyllwild. Heather and I hiked 7 miles round trip, 1,700 ft. climb to the top of a place called suicide rock.


  1. J Blasongame said...
    The pictures are amazing, what camera do you use?
    Walter Moose said...
    Thanks Jeremy. I was hoping you would check in on my pictures. You being a photo dude of amazing skill, I wanted your opinion. I have the Cannon Digital Rebel. I have a 17 - 85 lens and a 75 - 300 that I got for Christmas. I am going to be posting more pictures in the future as I take them. It is something I love doing (taking pictures that is). I think the black and whites (or monochrome to my camera) turned out really nice.
    J Blasongame said...
    I've heard too many cool things about the digi-Rebel. I'd switch but I already have a good digital camera and loads of non-Cannon lenses. I'll have to wait until it breaks so I can say, "oh darn, now I'll have to get that Cannon really I want." Hee-hee.
    Walter Moose said...
    Man, Erin when I look at those great pictures you took I could almost imagine myself there with you.
    Mike Dalton Bass Player said...
    I am Jealous with a capital J-- the week with Heather, man. Having fun, I went to coffee on Friday morning and you don't show up, dude. Glad you had a good time, now back to reality sucker.
    Anonymous said...
    greetings from an old friend (Chris Reavis) - been looking for you for awhile pokey! :) chris at kiley dot org
    Lynn said...

    I am a fellow blogger from Sunridge. I found you through Rich. I know your wife and she is a sweet friend.

    My daughter and I were at Idylewild yesterday and had a great time.

    These are fantastic pictures. You can find me daily serving our Lord at

    God bless, Lynn

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