Picked up my copy of Guitar Player magazine from the mailbox today. Always a happy day in my house. I enjoy this particular publication. Saw that it contained the 2007 Reader's Poll Awards. Well this should be interesting. Their annual reader's poll asking their readers to decide on the best of the guitar world during the past year. Best Guitar, Best Stomp box, Best Amp, Best this, Best that, etc. , etc. .....

......Well what to my wonder est eye did appear, than a name so familiar, it caused me to cheer...

Best Rock Guitarist:
Alex Lifeson

Best Article:
Different Strings
Alex Lifeson Gets Out of his Comfort Zone to Craft his Biggest Tones Ever


Most Ferociously Brilliant Guitar Album:
Snakes and Arrows
Awesome..........absolutely awesome.

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  1. Karl said...
    Nice, bro!

    Hey, it was great to hang out with you at the guitar deal. Your tone sounded really sweet! Hopefully we can do it again...I added you to my blog list on my site. Have a splendid day!


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