This is too funny.....

I am Rush fan as you all know. Well, In recent years when Rush has toured, they have employed a very interesting set design. To create a balanced stage look (because Alex has all his huge amps behind him) they have placed a variety of items behind Geddy Lee on stage left. 6 years ago it was washing machines. 4 years ago, Washing machines and vending machines. But on this current tour, Geddy has had huge rotisserie chickens ovens behind him. Little did we all know that is is the secret ingredient to the wondrous bass tones of Mr. Geddy Lee. Check it out.


  1. JB said...
    Hot and tasty sound comes out here.

    That's brilliant. We should try something slightly mental like this.
    Karl said...

    I love that the one on the far left of the picture is mic'd.

    That's hilarious.

    Great post...wish I could steal it for my blog when you're not looking. hehe No, I won't. I'll just come here more often and just stare at that picture and laugh.

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