I am Batman!!!

Who hasn't said it?

Michael Keaton said it...
Val Kilmer said it...
George Clooney...Christian Bale...

Heck, even Kramer uttered these famous words.

Now I proclaim it... "I am Batman!!"

Of all the super-heroes, Batman is my favorite.


He's human

He doesn't have super strength like Superman. He can't run fast like the Flash. He doesn't have self-healing skills and a metal skeleton like Wolverine (although I must admit, Wolverine is #2 on the super-hero cool list). He can't even do the whole "Wonder Twins activate thing ("Form of a pail of water!). He is human. He bleeds, gets hurt, and has to flee the scene at times in defeat. I like that. I can relate to that. He's not perfect, and neither am I.

As boys, we all wanted to be a super-hero.

The truth is, those of us that are fathers are super-heroes. That is the way our kids look at us. Too many of us though are pretending to be Superman with his super strength, the Flash with his super speed, or Wolverine with his all his super skills. We act as if we are invincible.

But we're not...

We're Batman.

To our kids, we have the ability to do super hero things, but we also fail at times and have to retreat in defeat.

But what do we do then?? What do we do when we've be beaten by the Jokers, Riddlers, and Penguins that haunt our nature??

Well, Batman had a mission. To protect the people of Gotham.

Gotham still needed Batman, and so do our kids.

When you are a father, you are super-hero. So what kind of Super-hero am I going to be?? Well the truth is, I am not Superman (I have an everlasting supply of Kryptonite running through my veins.)

But I never wanted to be Superman.

I am Batman

and to my kids, that's just fine with them.


  1. Jeremy said...
    It's interesting. It could be me, all I need is a utility-belt and sexy tights. I've always thought that if I had a superpower I'd like to manipulate the laws of physics. Bend time, the laws of gravity, inertia, thermodynamics; Heisenberg uncertainty principle, perhaps to build a perpetual motion machine or create time paradoxes in my spare time.
    It just sounds like it could be interesting. Besides, most other superpowers are based around the manipulation of the laws of physics, like using the force. But I think a fancy utility belt is enviable enough if the gadgets are hot!
    Mike Dalton Bass for Hire said...
    I feel like Batman, big responsibility for the village idiot like me.

    Good job Wible on this one, I have to go put on my utility belt and be Dad now.

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