My dream has come true

Growing up I had a dream...

Not for world peace (although that would be great)....

Not for a better bread slicer....

Not even for a pony....

I had a dream that one day, I would have all my songs in one place with instant access. No fumbling through records, no searching for CDs, not rewinding or fast-forwarding so I can get to my favorite song....

Thank you i-tunes / i-pod......My dream has come true.

So I saw that someone else did this little exercise. They pressed play in their i-tunes library (set to shuffle) and wrote down the first ten songs they heard. Well, I had a lot of work to I went to 25.

It is a very wide ranging group of songs, showing just how broad my listening habits are. Enjoy.

Same Old Saturday Night - Frank Sinatra
A Man and a Woman - U2
Runaround - Van Halen
Adam Raised a Cain - Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band
Enough Space - Foo Fighters
Makes Me Wanna Sing - Stryper
Hideaway - John Mayall Bluesbreakers With Eric Clapton
Twilight - Future Of Forestry
Black Dog - Led Zeppelin
Dig - Incubus
Sleepin' On The Foldout - Brad Paisley Who Needs Pictures
Children Say - Level 42
Jacob's Ladder - Rush
Testify - Stevie Ray Vaughan
Why Is It Me - England Dan & John Ford Coley
High Landrons - Eric Johnson
Better Be True - Huey Lewis and the News
Maybe Baby - Buddy Holly
Regime Change - Disciple
Live Out Loud - Steven Curtis Chapman
Carpet Crawlers - Genesis
Little Toy Brain - Gov't Mule
I Believe - Third Day Wire
Hold It Now - The Beastie Boys
The Stranger - Billy Joel


  1. Mike Dalton Bass for Hire said...
    Dude, not too much Christian stuff, what's up sinner.
    Jeremy said...
    I don't have an iPod yet. I guess I'm not what some would call an 'early adopter'. That and I don't like listening to music on the move, it distracts me too much.

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