While a Guitar Gently Weeps

I adore the guitar. The first time I heard Angus hit those famous three chords, I have been addicted to it's sound. The guitar can be such an expressive instrument in the hands of the right user. So many sounds. It can speak, cry, yell, whisper, shout, laugh, chuckle, and yes even weep. It never asks to be heard,

it demands it!!!

There have been many a guitarist, and even more guitar solos. But those that are truly great...well, like I said, they demand your attention.

I am not much of a lyrics guy. Words don't stir a great deal of emotion in me. But actions...they make me FEEL. The guitar is active, living, breathing. It moves. It cuts through and searches out those things hidden deep inside the soul. At least that's how I feel about the whole thing.

I sit here preparing for Sunday Worship, and I think about how my job is to make people feel God through my guitar playing. Hear what he is trying to say to them. Cut through the outer core and strike at the heart of their soul. It go me thinking of those guitar solos that do that for me. These are all (Except one) from "secular" songs, but they speak to me just as clearly as any "christian" song about who God is, and what he wants for my life. They are like the spirit of God who is living and active, constantly speaking words of truth and wisdom.

I have gone on long enough, you get my point. These collections of notes move me in a special way every time I hear them. They inspire me.


Limelight - Alex Lifeson/Rush
Comfortably Numb - Dave Gilmour/Pink Floyd
Back in Black - Angus Young/AC-DC
Hotel California - Joe Walsh and Don Felder/The Eagles
Brother in Arms - Mark Knoppler/Dire Straits
Blue Sky - The Allman Brothers
Goldilox - Ty Tabor/King's X
Shake it Up - Elliot Easton/The Cars
Love is Never Ending - Brad Paisley
I Want a New Drug - Chris Hayes/The News
Nobody Drinks Alone - Keith Urban
Is This Love - John Sykes/Whitesnake
Anything For You - Paul Gilbert/Mr. Big
Emotion Detector - Alex Lifeson/Rush
Night by Night - Steely Dan
Lenny - Stevie Ray Vaughn
I Am a Viking - Yngwie Malmsteen
Cheap Sunglasses - Billy Gibbons/ZZ Top
Everlasting God - Lincoln Brewster
New Years Day - The Edge/U2
Subdivisions - Alex Lifeson/Rush

That's not all of them, but these are some solos that make me feel.

Check em out...if you dare.


  1. Jeremy said...
    I have reason to joy as well at the guitar. I just got back my Beatles greatest hits CD from my sister. Oh the joy of Stawberry Fields!
    Mike Dalton Bass for Hire said...

    You amaze me sometimes, Lincoln Brewster, Great is Thy Faithfulness solo makes me weep, you can hear the worship pouring out of the guitar to God.

    Eruption has some of the most physical emotions I have ever heard when he hits the whammy bars.
    Rich Kirkpatrick said...
    this is so cool...and I am not even a guitarist!
    Mike Dalton Bass for Hire said...
    Are Joe Walsh and John Mayer related because they could have the ugliest guitar faces ever.

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