I am not a runner.
Check that
I am not a "long distance" runner.

I can run with the best of them. Folks say I am pretty darn quick. I can get down the line (*the first base line that is) and go 1st to 3rd licketty split.

But I have never been a long distance guy. It has always made my ankles, feet, and knees hurt. And when I say hurt...I mean HURT!!!!!!!!!! Plus I have always found other ways to stay in shape. Swimming, biking, playing center field, mowing the lawn, etc.

So a few months ago, I ran/walk a 5k with my wife (She's done a half-marathon........yeah, no thanks. But I am proud of her for accomplishment. Mighty big.) Well, I thought, "why don't I get a few braces for my ankles and knees and see what I can do.

My goal.........finish in under 30 minutes.....with no pain!!! (In my knees and ankles that is)

So I set about to see if I could run 3 miles in 30 minutes.
Goal accomplished.

Wow, maybe I could go faster. Maybe I could finish more quickly??

So, here was the plan. Get my ipod, set up a playlist of 6 songs that gets me home in 28 minutes. I tested it tonight.

So I start on my treadmill.........1st song......."Eye of The Tiger"

A good start, I am feeling good.......my pace is 6.2 mph...and it's good

I go 20 minutes, 4 songs, at 6.2 mph and get a little over 2 miles.

Now my goal on race day is to get to 2.5 miles, then hit song 6 of the playlist, hit that final turn, and let Seabiscuit GO.....

"The Rocky Theme Song"........Gonna Fly Now...................

So tonight I hit that song (after 20 minutes at 6.2)......and I hit 9.0 MPH for half a mile.....and it was a nice and easy 9.0 mph. I think I had 10.0 in me.....I could have gone close to full speed burst at the end.

So I am excited!!!!!! Because If I can do this race day, I will hit mile 2 at 20 minutes or faster and then let the legs go, round third, and come on home.........
"GO SEABISCUIT, GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

I'm excited!!!!!!

That's all.
Just wanted to share.


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